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Brief Neuropsych Test for Memory


For those concerned with memory issues of senior family members, I offer the R-BANS (Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status). This is a screening for neuropsychological problems.
Areas tested:

      1.   Immediate Memory

      2.   Visuospatial/Constructional      

      3.   Language       

      4.   Attention       

      5.   Delayed Memory

A history of the memory concerns is taken then the R-BANS is individually administered. After scoring, a report is written which can go to the patient or to their physician.  If there appears to be a serious problem then the physician may refer them to a neurologist or to a neuropsychologist if more thorough testing is necessary. The R-Bans is done in a  90 minute session. 

Fee for testing plus report to physician is $350. I take Medicare insurance or if you don't have Medicare, then a superbill is provided for you to submit to your insurance.

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