ADHD Testing

ADHD testing is offered by Dr. Shackelford over two sessions.

Session 1:  In assessing children the parent or parents are interviewed to gain a history of problems
with attention or hyperactivity/impulsivity. Specific concerns explored are: teacher feedback, parent observations, family history, sleep, learning disability, depression, anxiety, etc.

Also during the first session the child is administered the TOVA (Test of Variable Attentions). This gives objective measures of their ability to stay focused on a low-stimulus task and on a high-stimulus task. Their performance over twenty=two minutes is compared to other children of their same age and sex. While the youngster is taking the TOVA, the parent completes a couple of surveys and checklists of various ADHD symptoms.

Session 2:  The child is given a brief brain wave exam. This is a painless way to gather data about what is going on in the brain. Sensors are attached in several locations on the head. Of particular interest when assessing attention is whether there are some excessive slow waves (Theta) or some excessive fast waves (Beta) in the frontal lobe. This helps determine what subtype of ADHD they have and what treatment is recommended. Some parents want to try a medication option and others are interested in a non-medication approach such as neurotherapy.  Feedback of the testing is given to the parents during this second session then a two page report is written for the parents. This report can be sent to the child's physician if so directed.

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